The ONEcleaner surgical instruments cleaners that strengthen surgical instrument stainless steel. Buy ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaners that boost reprocessing productivity. Contact us for product information and pricing that will lower your costs for cleaning and conditioning surgical instruments and deliver the surgical instrument care that you and your surgical instruments deserve.

This ONEcleaner cleaner is biodegradable and Neutral pH. The Surgical Instrument Cleaner complies with Surgical Instrument and Surgical Instrument Washer specifications. The ONEcleaner Surgical Instrument Cleaner enzymatic lubricant cleaner delivers surfactant based cleaners for rapidly cleaning all forms of proteinaceous soil from surgical instruments and cleaning stains from surgical instruments. This Surgical Instrument Cleaner with Conditioners is highly concentrated for lower surgical instrument cleaning costs. ONE gallon of the all-in-ONE Surgical Instrument Cleaner can deliver 512 gallons of Surgical Instrument Cleaner. Corrosion resistant does not mean  corrosion proof. One of the special characteristics of these steels is that the manufacturer forms a passive oxide layer on the surface, which protects them against  corrosion. This makes surgical instruments as corrosion resistant as possible.

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It is imperative that you maintain the passive oxide layer to prevent corrosion and  maintain your surgery instruments in optimal condition. If this is not done the stainless steel will corrode or stain more readily which will reduce the life of the surgical instrument and/or  render it useless. Initially, all stainless steel surgical instruments have the same corrosion resistance. When strength and hardness requirements are important factors for instrument function, corrosion resistance is generally lower. Increasing the corrosion resistance would soften the stainless steel. Manufacturers of surgical instruments and surgical instrument containers recommend the use of neutral pH cleaning concentrates. Newly developed neutral pH all-in-one or combination cleaning concentrates have  been shown to be effective in optimizing the efficacy of the passive oxide layer. This will provide a longer life for stainless steel surgical instruments. More information and studies regarding the "passive oxide layer" of Surgical Instruments is below. Neutral pH Surgical Instrument Cleaners are recommended by Device Manufacturers Virtually all manufacturers of surgical instruments, rigid scopes, flexible scopes, and instrument containers recommend the use of neutral pH cleaning concentrates. Generic  Example of this recommendation: Do not use high acidic (pH <4) or high alkaline (pH >10) products for disinfection or cleaning, since these can corrode metal, cause  discoloration or stress fractures. If used properly, all-in-one enzyme detergent foam sprays and/or all-in-one "combination" cleaning concentrates can render excellent outcomes and facilitate cleaning instruments and scopes inside-and-out. They effectively cleaning the surface while cleaning lumens and working channels. This can eliminate or reduce the manual labor expended, rendering lower reprocessing costs while improving turnaround with Surgical instrument Washer Decontaminators and/or Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors, the dilution rates of only .25 to 1 ounce per gallon will significantly lower your Washer Decontaminators and/or Washer Disinfectors cost for surgical instrument cleaning products while improving your surgical instrument cleaning outcomes. The easy FOAM-it is an excellent Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Surgical Instruments. Surgical Instrument Cleaner Conditioner is the most effective.
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Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents
Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents
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