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surgical instrument cleaner 
detergent enzyme lubricants replace 
medical instrument cleaning products including; enzyme cleaners, detergents, stain removers, surface conditioners, and lubricants.

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Pricing for the ONE cleaner 
surgical instrument cleaners, 
0225-1, is $28.24 per gallon, and 
$112.94 for a Case of 4 gallons with 1 pump. 
The shipping weight is 41 pounds. 

The ONE cleaner is for cleaning surgical instruments, scopes, and utensils, for prewashing, soaking, and rehydrating debris, while removing stains and mineral encrustations. It is for use with ultrasonic cleaners, scope washers, and automated washer disinfectors. The enzyme detergents will remove all forms of surgical soil from surgical instruments while cleaning surgical instruments faster and cleaning residue free.

Nothing cleans as fast as the ONE cleaner surgical instrument cleaner four enzyme detergent. 

Nothing boosts productivity like the four enzyme surgical instrument cleaner, delivering a highly concentrated enzymes with detergents that will clean faster, clean residue free, and cut your cleaning costs.

0225-1 ONE cleaner surgical instrument enzye detergent cleaners comply with the recommendations from surgical instrument manufacturers that all cleaners, lubricants, and conditioners must be neutral pH.

ONE cleaner enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners with detergents and enzymes have been shown to be effective in optimizing the efficacy of the surgical instrument protective passive oxide layer.

The ONE cleaner is designed to used for ultrasonic cleaning medical instruments. When using ultrasonic cleaning, the surgical instruments must be fully immersed in an enzymatic detergent surgical instrument cleaning solution. Hinged surgical instruments must remain open during the ultrasonic cleaning process. Use cleaning trays that do not obstruct the ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning process. Sort and separate instruments by similar metals to prevent corrosion. Review the level of soil and renew the ultrasonic bath as needed. Follow each ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning with instrument rinses. Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning will fragment and loosen soil but will not necessarily remove the soil from the surface of the surgical instruments being cleaned. Ultrasonic enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergents are recommended for challenging and rapid cleaning tasks due to their ability to break soil down to a form that can be removed from surfaces that are difficult to clean, and most importantly, deliver the surfactant detergents needed to clean that bioburden from the surface. 

This ONE cleaner will provide protection, a longer life, for stainless steel surgery instruments. Surgical instrument cleaners with a high or low pH have been shown to erode the passive layer. The most common of these cleaning concentrates utilize an alkaline detergent with an acid neutralizer. The manufacturers of surgical instrument place a passive layer on all surgical stainless steel as a protection against pitting. The ONE cleaner enzymatic detergent cleaner strengthens the passive layer of protection.

Manufacturers of surgical instruments recommend using neutral pH surgical instrument cleaners.

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0225-1 ONE cleaner surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners deliver a unique formulation of multi-tiered high-level enzymes, detergents, and a surfactant chemical complex that will rapidly break down and remove contamination.  The ONE cleaner will clean the surface of surgical stainless steel, prevent corrosion, remove stains from surgical instruments, enhance the surface protective passive layer, and lubricate the moving parts of surgical instruments. 

1 Cleaner

1 Cleaner

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