The ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleanng Solutions, for cleaning surgical instruments, eliminate multiple cleaning and surface lubricant products.

Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner with  Enzymatic Detergents 

Surgical instrument ultrasonic detergent enzyme lubricant cleaners cut costs. Ultrasonic surgical instrument detergent enzyme lubricant cleaners clean faster. Surgical instrument detergent enzyme lubricant cleaners rinse clean. Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner Solutions that lubricate clean reside free. 

The UPS-1, ONE cleaner, and 
prewash soaking easy FOAM-it 
Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Detergent Lubricant Cleaners deliver non-irritating instrument detergents, surgical instrument enzyme cleaners, surgical instrument lubricants, and enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergents for cleaning surgical instruments residue free. 

Scroll down for the product applications of Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Detergent Lubricant Enzyme Cleaners. ONEcleaner Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner delivers four concentrated Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner enzymes, ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner detergents, ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner lubricants, and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner conditioners. 

The all-in ONE Cleaner Ultrasonic enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner delivers Lipase ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner enzymes, Amylase ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner enzymes, Carbohydrase ultrasonic instrument cleaner enzymes, and Protease ultrasonic instrument cleaner enzymes. 

Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner Solution

Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner for cleaning surgical instruments cleaner. The ONE cleaner ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner delivers a concentrated level of: Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner enzyme detergents.

Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner  

The inadequate cleaning of bioburden, including blood, from surgical instruments may result in retained organisms. The Corrosion, rusting, and pitting of surgical instruments will occur when blood, minerals,  and debris are allowed to dry in or on surgical instruments. Cannulated or lumened surgical instruments may become obstructed from organic material. Irrigating surgical instruments with sterile water containing a 4 enzyme neutral ph detergent maintains hydration of bioburden on surgical instruments, facilitates the cleaning of surgical instruments, and prevents tissue damage. 

Ultasonic surgical instrument cleaning enzymes are proteins produced by all living organisms that act as catalysts to speed up chemical reactions that would otherwise  occur at a much slower rate or not at all. Catalysts are materials that help reactions move from a beginning to an end. Catalysts are not used up in  the reaction so they are available to help multiple reactions. 

Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning enzymes fit their target substrates like a lock fits a key.The Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning enzymes active site is open only to specific target substances with  a matching chemical and 3-dimensional shape. If the substrate doesn't  fit, the Surgical instrument cleaning Enzymes can't enter and no reaction occurs. This makes the cleaning performance of ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning enzymes highly specific for their substrates. For this reason four specific enzymes are needed for effectively cleaning surgical instruments, removing all forms of proteinaceous bioburden. 

Ultrasonic enzyme cleaning detergents that do not offer these 4 enzymes cannot remove all forms of proteinaceous bioburden and will be as effective for cleaning surgical instruments. Neutral pH, free-rinsing Surgical Instrument Cleaners are designed to provide critically clean Surgical Instruments with a residue free surface. This is especially important when cleaning eye surgical instruments. 

The primary purpose of the ultrasonic surgical instrument enzymatic detergent cleaning solution is to remove all inorganic and organic proteinaceous bioburden material from the internal and external surfaces cleaning surgical instruments inside and out with careful attention to cleaning cannulated surgical instruments.

The secondary purpose of the ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solution is to maintain and improve the “passive Layer” of surgical stainless steel. The passive layer is provided by the manufacturer of the surgical instruments, within the surgical stainless steel, to resist (prevent) corrosion. 

 Proper ultrasonic cleaning of surgical instruments will maintain and improve this passive layer, break down and rapidly remove bioburden from surgical instruments, clean and condition the surface of surgical instruments, with just one ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner solution. 

The easy FOAM-it ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solution prewash soaking will clean surgical instruments cleaner. Formulated for free-rinsing-purity the ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner solution is designed for cleaning surgical instruments cleaner with lower cleaning costs. 

Buy the Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner Solutions for cleaning instruments and costly enzymatic, detergent and lubricant products. ONE cleaner ultrasonic surgical Instrument cleaning enzyme detergents cut cleaning costs. 
1 Cleaner

1 Cleaner

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ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solutions
The ONE cleaner surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners clean faster. Surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners rinse clean. 

What are surgical instrument detergent cleaners that lubricate while they clean residue free?